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Next Up - Maryland

At A Glance
Opp Maryland
Date 1/27
Time 8:05
Site Cole
W/L 18-1
ACC 6-0
Pre-Game Links
Charlotte Sun
Post Sun
GoDuke Totalcast
Post Sun

Next up are the Terps, and Duke's final trip to Cole Field
House (a number of you wrote in to say Cole would be open for one more seaosn after this one so we stand corrected), one of the legendary ACC pits quickly fading from the scene. Soon they'll be in a sparkling new arena, and tossed batteries and heated pennies
aside, it'll be a true loss. Reynolds is gone, Carmichael is long gone, and we
really miss them. Thank God for Cameron and Littlejohn.

We're sure the Terps are going to love their new home, but
it's too bad that old things aren't more valued than they are. That's
not to say that all arenas should be kept just because they are old. We'd
personally be thrilled if UVa tore down University Hall. It's an eyesore, and
Virginia deserves better.