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Several Duke Links

The Herald-Sun has two articles up about Mike Dunleavy, both dealing with his
bouncing back from the
Tech game
to have his best
game against Wake Forest
. Last year you'll remember, he made that
amazing move at Tech. We were hoping for another! But against Wake he was just
incredibly solid all the way round. It's a great building block.
Also, Lenox Rawling has a cool article up on
how Odom dealt with the game Tuesday
, and his overall impression of
same. And the Charlotte paper
has a brief comment up on Chris Duhon's shooting ability,
with Dave Odom
saying he's the best shooter on the team, and Mike Dunleavy saying he shoots
like Trajan. Use the force, Chris...And the Post has a
laudatory article
up on Jason Williams as well. And finally - we think
the Baltimore Sun has an article up on Battier
where Gary Williams praises
him instead of calling him a flopper, and we learn that Shane is about to join
another elite statistical club.