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Big Win For The Women, Sad News For UNC's Hatchell

As soon as he comes down from the rafters, we're pretty sure Rob will send over his report on the big Duke-UNC game. To just sketch it out a bit, Duke had a decent lead, UNC came back and put it into overtime, and Duke prevailed. We'll leave the rest to the master!

Here's a link to CNNSI while we wait for Rob's report. One very sad note - Sylvia Hatchell left immediately after the game to go home as her mother suffered a heart attack Thursday night. No word on her condition. We haven't met Coach Hatchell, but we sat next to her son in Cameron one night, and he was a nice, funny, sweet boy, and that's a tremendous reflection on her. We also remember her and Fred Goldsmith visiting each other's teams periodically for prayer. The rivalry is fun and all, but it's not like either side is outside the family of man. We'll leave that to the nutcases. All best wishes to the Hatchell family.