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Cisse, Diop Updates

In another sign that Matt Doherty isn't necessarily going to do things the
way Dean Smith always did - ok, there are enough signs, let's just say he is his
own man - he
is working a JUCO big man, Uche Okafor,
from the College of Southern Idaho.
DeSagana Diop is now expected to jump to the NBA. Ousmane Cisse may as well, and
Thad "The Mummy" Mumau has this odd comment about his guardian, Don
Jackson: "Jackson said he would look at where Ousmane is being projected for the NBA draft and then make a decision."

One hopes Cisse will make the decision, not Jackson.

In another UNC recruiting note, Raymond Felton
is having a great year in South Carolina.
Many North Carolinians would
say that's not possible, but there it is. Michael
Kruse raves about him, too.
And in one other UNC recruiting note,
here's a new name - Texas
forward Chris Bosh.