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ACC Roundup

In ACC news, the local press pounding of Herb Sendek continues as Caulton
Tudor picks up on our
theme yesterday
and wonders about State's
offensive offense
, among other things.  Chip Alexander questions
how they managed their press
(so does Byron Mouton). You can criticize State
for a number of things, but you have to give Scooter
Sherrill points on toughness.

Gary Williams seems to have turned
things around in College Park
after some shaky ball and some shakier
chemistry earlier, as both he and Lonnie Baxter noted in December.  They
are spending the week in College Park practicing, waiting for the Devils to come
calling this weekend.

Remember Kevin Morris? Plan B after Stephon Marbury bailed on Tech after one
year?  He transferred to Lefty Driesell's Georgia State, to some ridicule,
after Bobby Cremins decided he couldn't cut it at Tech.  He is doing well
at GSU. Quite
well, actually.