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Time To Learn The Songs!

<!a href="" target=_top>Carla
would be impressed if you knew all three!

Let's face it, not nearly enough of us know the lyrics to Duke's alma mater,
or to the official fight songs, and no, Devil With The Blue Dress On doesn't
count. Besides, that would make Duke the only school in the country with a
transvestive fight song.

Not that there's anything wrong with that (gratuitous Seinfeld reference). 

Anyway, as a public service, here are the fight songs, and also lyrics. These
are RA files so they shouldn't take long to load. If they were MP3, we'd say
slap 'em on a Rio or something, but still, the quality is pretty good.

And please let us know if we made any stupid link mistakes or anything.


Dear Old Duke

Dear old Duke, thy name we'll sing,

To thee our voices raise, we'll raise

To thee our anthems ring in everlasting praise.

And though on life's broad sea,

Our fates may far us bear;

We'll ever turn to thee, Our Alma Mater dear.

Blue & White

Duke we thy anthems raise

For all the praises untold

We'll sing for the Blue & White

Whose colors we unfold

Firm stands her line of blue

For they are loyal through and through

Fighting with the spirit true

All for the love of old D.U.

Fight, we'll fight

With all our strength and might - Hey!

Win we can!

So here we lend a hand:

Hey! Rah Rah Rah Rah D-U-K-E Rah!

Fight Blue Devils Fight

Fight Fight Blue Devils

Fight for Duke and the Blue & White

March on through

For the slamdunk's  there for you

Go get 'em!

Duke is gonna win tonight

Carolina, goodnight!

So turn on the steam, team

Fight Blue Devils, Fight!