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The New-Look DBR

We've gotten a lot of nice compliments from you guys on the new look, with
only a couple of dissents (one guy said it scared him - we hope he gets over
it!). The logical question is: why didn't you do it sooner?

The logical answer is: because we suck at design.

The new look was designed by David Bediz, and we are very happy with what he
has done. It's really tremendous. Obviously the site speaks for itself, and
while we are extremely happy taste is subjective and you may not like it as much as we do. Having said that, we can say that working with David has been a very great pleasure. He has been highly professional, prompt, courteous, receptive - in short, ideal to work with.
The site speaks for itself, as we said, but we'll attest to the experience: it's
been great and we recommend him very highly. You can
reach him here.