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Duke Bashing!

As our friends from Chapel Hill regularly remind us, Duke is not always
loved.  That's the case nationally, too, though it comes as a surprise to
those of us who know what it's like to be a Duke fan.  Pretty clearly, not
everyone groks our joy.

There's a little debate going on over on The Sporting News about Duke,
centering around woofing, calling for a Duke injury, and for some reason,
tattoos on Duke players are worse than they are on other players.

Whatever. The
current letters
are in response to letters published
on Thursday
. What to make of it? Well, no one is writing letters about FSU
basketball. As Oscar Wilde said, the only thing worse than being talked about is
not being talked about. Our guess is that the original writers are ACC fans of another school, and while Makhtar Ndiaye's antics weren't the end of the world, apparently the apocalypse begins in Durham. That's been true in the ACC, of course, for the last several seasons, and this sort of dislike will continue as long as Duke's run does.

So let's hope for a lot more of the same!