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ACC Roundup

In ACC news, UNC had a much
tougher than expected trip
to Tallahassee, and were very lucky to have Joseph
Forte on their side,
as Forte is emerging as one of the better
clutch players
of recent years in the conference. Sometimes it's
hard to beleve he's still a sophomore. In some ways this was probably
FSU's best game of the season. It was
likely their most encouraging
as well.

Quin Snyder returned to his old ACC haunts briefly yesterday as he led his Mizzou
Tigers into Charlottesville
to take on the 'Hoos. Didn't
happen for the Tigers
. For Duke fans, it's a tough call but either way a
pleasant outcome. On the one hand, we want Quin to do really really well. On
the other, the more ACC power accumulated, the better.
It's a quality win for UVa,
and they can use it when selection time comes
up. This win, along with the UT win, will do an enormous amount for their

In Raleigh, Lee Fowler sat
down for an interview with the N&O
and discussed Herb Sendek, among
other things. State athletics is in good financial shape, which is somewhat
unusual - they have over a million bucks put away for a rainy day fund, which
Dick Baddour must envy, among others. As the so called arms-race continues to
spiral out of control, State must feel great: they have a new arena and money
in the bank.

They'd have more money of course if Herb starts winning. He gets a shot
today as Maryland
comes to town.
Maryland has been winning a lot, but we're not
totally sold yet, though at some point you have to say numbers are numbers and
wins are wins. It
could be an interesting day today.
State gave them great games last year,
winning in Raleigh and they should have won in College Park had Damon Thornton
not imploded.