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Tucson Seeks Stasis

In Tucson, things
are back to normal,
at least as normal as they can be in this, their Season
of Discontent. Lute Olson is back on the bench, which suggests stability
for the Wildcats. Maybe anyway. Who the heck knows. In a season which has seen
two captains feak out, losses to teams who shouldn't be on the same court, and
Olson taking an extended leave to be with his ailing wife, what could be normal

One of our least favorite columnists anywhere, Greg Hansen, discusses
the interim coach, Jim Rosborough
. In our opinion, Greg Hansen is to
sportswriting as Dale Brown was to college coaching. Minus the charisma. If you
ever get a chance, ask him about his suspension after the last Arizona-UNLV

Having had some minor dealings with Rosborough in the past, we're not big
fans of his. Nonetheless, there's no way to lay Arizona's troubles at his
feet. He took over in a bizarre situation, and it would be profoundly hard
for anyone to do much better.