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ACC Roundup

One of the kids we've sort of followed is Michael Joiner out of Fayetteville.
A 6-7 wing, he seemed like a great fit at Duke, but was ultimately not pursued
and ended up at FSU, where he's having
a very nice freshman season.
Today the 'Noles get UNC, and that's
going to be a tough
game for Joiner
, and for the rest of his teammates as well, not
least of all the big guys
, who are likely to get pounded.

The Charlotte paper
has a brief mention of FSU,
wondering why they are so patient with Steve
Robinson. On the other hand, they attribute Pete Gillen's great line in the
Duke-UVa game to Coach K. We can point this out because we have such expertise
ourselves in getting it wrong.

UVa steps out of conference today to play a similarly smallish team, Quin
Snyder's Missouri.
Should be an interesting game, and if Quin
has installed Duke's defense, could they do to UVa what Duke did to UVa? Stay
tuned. Donald Hand got shut down at Duke, but he admits he's really
still learning how to play the game.

In Raleigh, bleakness just gives way to more bleakness, as Cornelius Williams
now has an injury,