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ACC Roundup

After what seems an interminable wait, ACC action
kicks off tonight
with a matchup between the
conference's last two unbeaten teams in the conference
, Wake and UVa, and UNC-Tech,
both intriguing
matchups i
n a season where things
seem more wide open than ever.
  No more cupcakes for anyone! It's
down to brass tacks.

Both matchups are intriguing.  Wake
has looked awesome at times,
particularly in beating Kansas, and UVa has
also looked great, though they have played a mushy early schedule. 
It's a very intriguing matchup
. We'll go with Wake, but just barely.


UNC-Tech is also very interesting, largely because of Tech. Not to knock UNC,
but we all have a fairly good idea of where they stand.  We can't
completely say that about Tech. Having beaten UCLA and UK, they are clearly
exceeding expectations.   UNC has a lot going for it, though,
including a lot more depth
. Tech will have a lot to overcome. Nonetheless, rebuilding
is very far ahead of schedule.
  Is UNC vulnerable tonight? Some
people would say yes.

Kris Lang continues to say things which are intriguing. Rememer his comment
last year about "some people" suggesting that he was not crazy about
everyone? And this year's comments about Shane Battier, calling him "Golden
Boy?"  Well here's his latest gem, about Julius Peppers:

"That's great. It's like whenever he comes into the game, the same intensity level and the same talent level is going to be out there. No letdowns at all. He's a big asset for us. He cuts down everybody's minutes, which some people think is bad but which, in reality, is very good."

It's reminiscent of last season's comment about "some people." Who
thinks depth is bad? We'd love to know who he is referring to here.