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Happiness Returns To The Hill

There's no question that Matt Doherty has done a remarkable job at UNC in a
very short period of time and under a unique set of circumstances and pressures.

There's also no question that the atmosphere at the Dean Dome has changed,
and Art Chansky, who lately has been depressed about UNC athletics,
is back up again.
However, some of the things he says are kind of

First of all, he thinks that UNC's backcourt may be the best defensive
backcourt in the nation, a claim which will likely end up on Duke's bulletin
board, and probably a few others (Wisconsin, MSU, among them)

And it also surprises us that after decades of boasting about UNC's class -
and not just Chansky but this is a UNC-general boast - because the coach doesn't
(didn't) curse, and the crowds weren't as rude as Duke's - that much of that
seems to have gone by the wayside, and largely without comment, is
interesting. For better or worse (in our book, no big deal either way),
that was a big part of what made UNC UNC, and it's more or less been jettisoned,
metaphorically sent down to the basement along with the other remnants and memories, without being particularly lamented by UNC fans.

Anyway, if UNC fans wave at free throws and get interactive in creative ways
and the coach curses, it won't bother us - how could it? except for maybe once a
year. Actually, we think it's great. The ACC loves to pick on UNC,
but we need them to be strong (along with Duke) like the SEC needs Kentucky to be strong, and the Mountain West needs Utah.

But the defense thing caught our eye, as did comparing Connie Hawkins to
Orlando Melendez and Michael Brooker to Cousy....even a bad Cousy...well....that's
just a bit of irrational exuberance. But after a long stretch of negativity,
it's understandable, and there's no question they are playing extremely well. Makes us glad we picked them second