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ACC Roundup

The game is over, the streak contnues, and why are we not shocked? UNC
defeated Clemson
for the first time in the new millennium, and there's no
reason to think Clemson will win in Chapel Hill in this one, either. Will
Solomon came
in to talk trash
, but didn't get to do very much, or more like it, couldn't
back up much.
  Matt Doherty continues
to impress the media.

In College Park, the Terps continue
to control Wake Forest,
as the Deacs, not too long ago talking confidently
about going undefeated, now are 2-3 in the conference, along with Tech and UVa.  
The conference has
developed three tiers
, with Duke, UNC, and Maryland in the penthouse, Wake,
Tech and UVa trying to decide which floor they are going to, and the States,
Florida and NC, in the basement. Maryland has won a lot of games since the
Hawaii tournament, but few of them mattered much, certainly not to the computer.
This one

Damon Thornton, after a early season run-in with the law you are likely
familiar with, is focusing tightly on hoops now, with
a reasonable amount of success.

Paul Hewitt continues to impress
as he makes the rounds in the ACC. This
weekend he gets Duke, which should be interesting. Tech is better than anyone
dreamed they could be.