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Duke Curse - More Evidence!

Periodically people write us to say shut up about the Duke Curse already, but
it's hard to when it is so relentless. Latest victims: Chris Burgess, whose
father had a lot of nasty things to say about Duke, blew out his ankle. He's going to miss 6-8 weeks, essentially killing his season, meaning his NBA hopes depend entirely on next season. Wonder what that will do to his free throw percentage?

And in
Florida, not content to take out the leading rebounder and Teddy Dupay, the
Curse has claimed another guard, Justin Hamilton, who seems
likely to have an ACL injury.
Meanwhile, Florida's O' Connell arena,
earlier this season seen as rivaling Cameron, now is
having trouble filling seats,
and them that sits aren't exactly wackos.

The Duke Curse - isn't it easier to just lose?