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DBR To Wagner - Big Whoop

Wagner exploded for 100 points
in a high school game which Camden won by 90
points, and that has caused a stir, of course.  There are a few things
worth mentioning here:

  • the opponent was quite weak, obviously.
  • the opponent's coach was very angry that  Camden kept the press on
    when they were up by so much (they pressed almost the entire game).
  • Wagner shot 42-60

It's the last one which gets to us.  As everyone acknowledges, Wagner
is a very talented kid.  But he scored almost 2/3 of his teams points, and
took 60 shots in a game his team won by 90 points. What we'd like to see is how
many assists he got. We're guessing not too many.

So yes, it's newsworthy that the kid scored in triple figures. And the
Star-Ledger says he
got it all in the flow of the game.
But still, it seems kind of like
piggish basketball.