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ACC Roundup

Mercifully, for State, they
finally won an ACC game
- vs. Tech. Tech, who has had a remarkable season
thus far, couldn't
keep the magic going
in Raleigh and went down.

In Charlottesville,
UVa got healthy with this season's whipping boy, FSU
. FSU, which has been
weak but game in recent years, is now just weak.

Tonight in Chapel Hill,
Chris Hobbs makes
his second trip home
to the Triangle - his parents get three local games,
which is cool no matter how you slice it, and four if you count Winston
- but Clemson is 0 for life in Chapel Hill, and
that won't change tonight
. UNC's D has improved tremendously, and they'll
win tonight, no ifs ands or buts.

Wake takes on Maryland
, a team which has given
them fits over the last few seasons.