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Coach K

Standing behind Virginia's first-half basket in Cameron Indoor Stadium
Saturday afternoon was a guy in a gorilla suit wearing a T-shirt that read,
"I Said No To Dean." Maybe that bizarre image explains why the
Cavaliers shot 18.9 percent from the field and turned over the ball 14
times before halftime.
Dave Johnson, Daily Press

''I knew it would happen eventually. With the talent level we have, we couldn't be immune. You'd have to be naive. But I didn't
realize it would happen so fast - boom! Elton and I talked about it a lot. It was the right thing for him to do. He really had no choice. But the other
two, yes, I was surprised, and when you're surprised, you can't plan. We still have a very good program, but when people say, 'You're not deep,'
the answer is 'No, we're not.'''
Coach K on depth and defections