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ACC Roundup

Bad news for Herb Sendek - his
AD is urging the fans to be patient.
That's never a good sign, no matter how
you cut it. It shows the AD feels a need to respond to public pressure,
and responding to it only fuels it. Things are not
as they should be
in Raleigh. No one is saying panic yet, but things
are not fixed.
It would help if Anthony
Grundy got more support.

It may not get much easier, as next up is Tech, where young
Jedi coach Paul Hewitt is doing a masterful job reviving the Jackets
building them around a flaky center with questionable emotional stability, a
point guard no one respected, a couple of other reasonable athletes, and a slew
of mediocre talent. In other words, he's doing a brilliant job. State
has a tough job tonight;
Duke gets to find out this weekend.

One of the keys to Tech's season has been the emergence of Shaun
Fein, who
has big game-itis.

In Chapel Hill, big Brendan Haywood
is happy with the new seating.
There's a lot more in this article, so
scroll down. And Frank Burlison has kind
words for the Heels
, pointing to marked improvement.