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ACC Roundup!

Around the ACC today, in the neighborhood, UNC
takes on Marquette
in a game which has just the faintest whiff of 1977 and
seashells and balloons. Of course, Al McGuire famously quit after that game, and
Dean Smith has recently followed (to put it in perspective, Smith had coached at
UNC for what, about 13 years then?). so clearly time has moved on. Nonetheless,
along with the Lorenzo Charles dunk, the site of Al McGuire losing it is one of
the more famous sites in championship history.

UNC is still getting to know Matt Doherty as coach, of course, and as you
know already, he has differed greatly from Dean Smith and Bill Guthridge in many
respects. He fraternizes with the students extensively, for one, and for
another, as Kris Lang points out down in this article, is
quite a pottymouth.

Now that's not a big deal to us. But for years UNC fans, faced with a
consistently excellent rival in Durham, have said, well at least our coach
doesn't curse like that.

Ancient history, muchachos y muchachas!  The student are even aping Cameron. Will wonders never cease? 

In Raleigh, Herb Sendek is saying that the Clemson game is just 1/16 of the
ACC schedule, which should lead to a massive "duh, dude!"  But
with State not
winning particularly, it's a key part,
and it's disingenuous to suggest

And after two sub-par games, it's time for Wake to bounce back. Dave Odom
says they are looking better and that the FSU game, looking back, wasn't so bad.
Odom, wildly popular among the press corps because he makes their jobs so easy
(in other words, he talks non-stop), has
a lot to say in this article.