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ACC Roundup

Remember that little clock problem State had? The Charlotte Observer is
suggesting that the Pack
is considering a new timekeeper
for the next game, which is a tacit
admission that the old one blew it.

In College Park, the post-mortem continues, and Gary Lambrecht of the
Baltimore Sun pins
the blame on Gary's defense.

Tee Pruitt, who smart money says will run for Governor at some point, has
pulled off a miracle in pumping up the Dean Dome.
  It's truly an
impressive accomplishment to get the various factions working together, and if
he can do that, and make the Dean Dome a passionate place, being Governor should
be a fairly simple challenge.

And down in Hotlanta, Lefty Driesell
is back on the bench
after his operation. He says when his dad retired he
was miserable and he has no intentions of being miserable. If Lefty were a
younger coach and doing the job he is doing at Georgia State, we'd say some ACC
schools would be taking a look-see, specifically FSU.