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A Nice Plug From The Sporting News!

In a nice surprise, DBR
is mentioned on The Sporting News.
  Under their Duke section
(naturally), they take a few minutes and discuss the Duke-Virginia tickets we
auctioned off. They also speculate that a UNC-Duke ticket auction could go to
four figures. You're right, guys, we
did that last season and fetched $5,050.
Also, we were able to take the top two bidders for the special Caring House auction of a closed practice we had a few weeks ago, thereby netting Caring House $7,200, the highest amount they ever received from an auction item (and a figure not reflected in the running total for the Children's Hospital you see on the top of each auction page).

Yes, the auction is over, but next up are Boston College and Wake Forest
tickets, so never fear. 

The BC tickets
are up to $102,
and the Wake tickets are
at $300.

And we have a couple of blockbuster auctions in mind for later, so keep
watching.  Thanks to the Sporting News for mentiioning it!