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Reader Takes On UNC-Maryland

Here are some responses we got to our request for your take on the UNC-Maryland
game tonight. Thanks everyone!

Haywood will have a breakout game. You can say that about the Wake game but
how many times has he strung together two dominating performaces in a row.
Tonight, he will. As long as Forte can score while Curry gets his jump shot
and Carolina plays defense they way they have been (haven't seen UNC "D"
like this since Stack, Rasheed and McInnis), Carolina could be very scarry
in March.

UNC 72,
UMD 68

Don Scott
New York, NY

Maryland is going to spank the Tar Holes tonight.

93 - 84

State is going to beat us tonight, I fear. I just have a bad feeling
about this.


Here's hoping I go .500

I think it depends on which Haywood shows up, the one for Wake or the one
for Tech. If the Tech guy shows up UNC has no chance. If the Wake one
shows it'll be a barn burner.

Jack Rogers '84

Maryland will be ready, terps 85-72. Haywood neeeds too have back-to-back
great games for the heels.

Mark Whitfield