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ACC Roundup, Revised & Corrected!

Earlier today, when we posted ACC Roundup, we screwed up the links,
which Burt was nice enough to point out. Thanks Burt! So here's the corrected
version, along with something we missed, the news that the league is going to
take a look at the State-UVa tape to see about the officiatiing
. Ok, from here
on is the old stuff, but with the links working now.

Last night's big news was of course Georgia
Tech's tremendous win over Virginia.
With a trip coming up to Durham this
weekend, Virginia is facing potentially a big hole: if they manage to pull of
the win, as BJ Schecter predicts on CNNSI, they'll be at .500 in the league. If
not, they go to 1-3. Actually the league has quickly
, with Duke, UNC, Maryland and Wake rising, UVa and Tech in the
next tier, and State, Clemson and FSU winless.

More will shake out tonight. Duke of course plays State, a game which is
always tougher than you'd think (witness last year), though Sendek has only
beaten Duke once.  And UNC and Maryland play tonight as well, so whoever
wins that game will be in a great situation. Duke is favored against State, and
if things follow the predicted path (what are you, nuts? This is the ACC!),
there will be two teams left undefeated in the conference. tomorrow.

Pete Gillen said after the game that his team simply wasn't
, that Tech wanted it more.  It was Tech's first
road win in 16 games, and a huge breakthrough for Hewitt's credibility -
though we'd say with wins over UCLA, Kentucky, and now UVa, he's already made
his point.

In College Park, Maryland is laying in wait for UNC, waiting to prove, as
Danny Miiler says, that they should be ranked higher.
  UNC hasn't won in three years at College
Park.  The Baltimore Sun has the to-be-expected article discussing how Matt
Doherty is
a breath of fresh air at UNC
, emotional, new energy, and so forth.

The Sporting News is predicting Maryland
81, UNC 75.

What do you guys think? Drop us a line and let us know.