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Hoop It UP! ACC Season Starts Tomorrow!!

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Al Featherston is one of our favorite ACC writers. Always has been, always
will be, largely because he is just such an ACC guy. He's got a column up
today about how excited
he is about the ACC season starting,
and we are, too. We don't have to tell
you guys that it's the most fun thing in sports. The
ACC is brutally competitive,
and the payback games are always fun. The
December games are always the doldrums,
and the ACC
season is the cure

There are likely to be several teams with payback in mind for Duke, and the
chances of going 15-1 or 16-0 again seem slight. But that's what makes the
ACC great. We love this conference!

UNC is still fooling
around with their lineup.
The starters are pretty much set, but the
rotation is still evolving. As Eddy Landreth argued the other day, Joseph
Forte has
become the indispensable Heel,
the one guy they can't do without, and from
here on out the focus of all the opposing defenses.

In some football news, Al Groh as you know is
the new coach at UVa,
but the New York press absolutely savaged the man. The
Times went so far as to pretty much call him a phony. This was in yesterday's
paper, and we don't have the links anymore, but for the Times to get as harsh as
they did was amazing.