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A DBR Salute

Periodically we like to look outside the world of basketball and check out
what's going on in the rest of the world, and we also like to commend greatness
where we see it. Tommorow Pat Moynihan will say farewell to the U.S.
Senate and to government service.

Outside of endorsing members of the basketball ticket (Bill Bradley and Barry
Jacobs, but we couldn't quite endorse former Heel Richard Vinroot...we have our
standards, and being a former Heel makes it tough!), we try to stay away from
politics, but in Moynihan's case it's hard not to say something, because this
guy has been as fine a senator as anyone could ever hope for. He was not afraid
to say what he believed to be true, regardless of who got upset, and he stuck
with his beliefs. Additionally, he's been called the best thinker among
politicians since Lincoln and the best politician among thinkers since

We have had polarizing events in recent days, but regardless of where you
stand on that, or your party affiliation, we hope that everyone can recognize
the brilliance of Moynihan's contributions to our nation. He's been a
fearless public servant, a brilliant intellectual, and there's never been even
so much as a whisper about his character. Here's hoping he enjoys his
retirement and cranks out a ton of books now that he has more time. It's hard to
imagine just what he will do with more time, but we're pretty sure it'll be
interesting, whatever it is.