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More On The Aussie Game

Yesterday we printed e-mail from an Australian who was at the U.S.-Australian
exhibition, and then got e-mail from an American reader who differed. We
didn't see the game, but after reading various accounts, it sounds like Gaze
took Carter down. It's understandable how a home fan could/would see it
differently. We certainly have done that ourselves.

an AP account of the game.
At the conclusion, Andrew Gaze, who was in
the middle of the controversy, said there was much more to the game than that.
He's right. The Australians were only down 7 at the half.

We told you guys a couple of years ago that the Australians play brilliant
basketball. They don't make mistakes, they don't showboat, and they rotate the
ball perfectly to get an easy shot against pressure. Their fast break is
clinical. It wouldn't shock us at all if they medaled.