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C-well On The Air Tonight!

listen to wxdu

The good guys at WXDU are back and ready to go! If all goes well, they'll
have Cwell on the radio tomorrow night (he is expected to be on, but there could
still be a snag). The big show is at 10,  and Cwell has always been a
spectacular interview - we actually saw reporters cracking up and patting him on
the back..  One thing - if you are on campus, or live near campus, please
use the radio.  Here's how Real Audio works: cool as it is, there are a
limited number of ports available unless you have a ton of money.  We're
guessing WXDU doesn't have a ton of money available. So if you can catch it on
radio, please do! The call numbers are 88.7.  For those using Real Audio,
just click on the icon to your right.