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Camara Update!

more details on Jules Camara's arrest.
A recent article pointed out the
rash of DWI's and wondered why it was happening. That's pretty easy to answer.
It's happening because too many athletes are treated differently starting at a
young age and don't feel accountable to the rest of the world. It's the
same reason why sexual abuse periodically erupts. If you are treated like a God,
eventually you will exercise the prerogatives of a God. Well, you'll try
anyway. Then reality sets in.

Obviously a lot of guys are not like this - Battier springs to mind, as do a
number of Duke athletes, basketball and otherwise, Bill Russell, Todd Fuller,
David Robinson, and a lot more. But just as clearly, some people aren't being
told where the line is, and expect that anything will be forgiven. Right now
it's DWI's, tomorrow it might be sexual assault or drug abuse or gambling.
Drinking and driving is a serious problem, but it reflects a larger problem.