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More On Knight

Bob Knight is suggesting that whatever
happened the other day was a setup.
University lackey Christopher
says to remember it's only an allegation, but of course his
credibility is suspect after being less than honest previously (if he wasn't
honest, he wasn't in the loop, and either way, rather than being an honest
broker, he's clearly sided with Knight). You've probably heard by now the
gist of the
latest problem.
The question now is what does zero tolerance mean?
Knight says he was just instructing the kid on manners, which is pretty funny
since his own are so lacking. But the University came up with this plan,
and they're stuck with it,
so what does it mean?

No matter what they do with Knight, he leaves them in a pickle, but
here's a thought: if Knight had manners of his own, instead of telling other
people they had none, he wouldn't be in the jam he's in today.