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And Another Opinion On The Aussie Game

And a differing opinion on the U.S. - Australia Game...

If anyone watched the USA Basketball vs. Australia game on NBC today (9/9)
it was obvious that the incident involving Vince Carter and Andrew Gaze was
nothing like what was testified to on your site.

As was reported by the NBC commentators (Doug Collins, I believe) it was
Andrew Gaze who initiated the contact by grabbing Vince and pulling him down
in a vain attempt to draw a foul call on a three-pointer. After the suplex,
Vince stared Gaze down and it was Shane Heal (of Charles Barkley fame) who
instigated the conflict with Vince.

As for the ref, it was an accident in which the referee's elbow dislocation
was a reoccurrence of an old Aussie rules football injury. Vince did not
intend to hit him. I will concede that he could have been a little more
sensitive after the fact.

I just thought I would offer an opposing view from someone who saw the game
(and the replay). Gaze was at fault.

-Jim H.