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Vince Carter, Ugly American?

An Aussie reader went to see the Dream Team in exhibition, and had these
comments to send. Thanks dude!!

G'day from Melbourne.

Tonight i went to the dream team v Australia game. it was interesting to see these guys play live.

The biggest story was Vince Carter. He got the biggest cheer of the night, showboating in the warm up, doing that stare that he does, basically carrying on.
The crowd loved him

Two minutes into the game he basically tackled our biggest star Andrew Gaze and well the crowd turned. then a couple of plays later he turned ran into the ref, pushed him and the ref went down and dislocated
his elbow

Well, didn't Carter carry on, pouting and just acting like a baby. The crowd rode him the whole night, and
didn't he hate it. I don't know the final box score, but Carter wasn't impressive but more importantly his manner was a disgrace.

I had to leave before the end but we did okay, obviously it is hard to match the dream but thought you might like to know