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The Hits Keep Coming At Ann Arbor

Poor Michigan, the hits just keep on coming. Fresh off of losing Jamal
Crawford, after he went through the NCAA wringer in the spring, then the
revelations that Chris Webber, Robert Traylor, and another player whose name
escapes us, testified this summer before a grand jury, now
they lose one-time Duke target Kevin Gaines to a DWI charge.
He's off the
team as you probably know by now.

This is even worse because Michigan State just keeps ascending. The
buzz from the Select Team was about the Jasons - Duke's Williams and MSU's
Richardson. Jason
Richardson is getting the Big Push.
Michigan State will keep a spot near the
top, while the Wolverines are on the verge of sliding off the map. Will
Ellerbee keep his job much longer? It's not his fault, but someone has to be
held accountable.