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An Unintentionally Funny Photo

While passing through a Bojangles this evening, we picked up the NC State
football poster (actually it's the size of a page of notebook paper).  The
11 players in the picture were all formally dressed, black tie, the whole 9
yards, the idea clearly being to project an image of class. 

After looking at it for a bit, two things really jumped out at us.

1) A really big guy, second from the left, tried to strike a sort of
Napoleonic pose, with his hand stuck in between buttons.  In Napoleon's
case, however, he put his hand just below his breast.  In this case the
hand is, uh, somewhat lower.  It's not quite as low as his fly, but it's
not all that far off, either.

Napoleonic, it' ain't.

The other jarring element in the picture is not quite as ridiculous, and it
takes a minute to notice it, but once you do, it drives you nuts: the little
guy in the middle (by little we mean probably 6-3 and 215 - the other guys are
huge), the exact center of your focus, has his tie at an odd angle. If it were
a clock it would be 7:10.

If you are local, check it out. It's a pretty funny picture.