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Katrine On The Scene

Some unbiased comments on the game yesterday (watched it live here in Hawaii).

Jason Williams played a pretty good game, excellent ball handling for the most part and shot the ball well (took 15 shots, the
most on the team). He looks as if he has improved some, but not a whole bunch from last year. He did however contribute to
one of the dunks of the game. Ray Allen was dribbling one on one vs. JW and JW kept backing up so Ray Allen elevated over
JW (knocking him down) and threw down a one handed slam. That was probably the loudest the crowd got aside from when
Carter was doing one of his dunks.

Shane Battier played okay, didn't shoot well (was 3-11) but played pretty decent defense (considering they were playing
pros). He looks as if he has lost a little weight and I do believe he needs to add some muscle in order to play at the next
level. He does tend to flop a bit too much and that only drew one charge all night. While it works for him in the college game,
it will certainly work against him in the NBA. He dove for one ball but I think he knew it was more for show than anything else.
The ball was well on it's way out of bounds and not even close to Shane but he dove anyway. Why would a player risk injury
in an exhibition game knowing full well that he can't save the ball? The commentators always praise that kind of play as
"hustle" and "guts" but in reality, it is really ill advised on the player's part.

Jason Richardson was the bomb! He is going to be a superstar this season. He shot well and was very agressive in his play.
He almost had a spectacular dunk right over Alonzo. Michigan State fans have to be very happy.

Troy Murphy held his own. He will definately be a lottery pick in the next NBA draft. He has a legit post game and played well
against the pros.

Terrence Morris also shot the ball well and played decent defense. Overall aside from Forte's play, the ACC was very well

Joseph Forte didn't play well, shot two air balls but did have a couple of nice assists. He too looks like he needs to add some

Gary Payton and Vince Carter have hair! That really threw me off as I have not seen Payton play with hair for a long time.

Overall, the college select team played okay. I don't know if it was because Coack K was in attendence (he was sitting in
front of us) but Battier and Williams played excessive minutes (along with Richardson who played the most). I did not agree
with that as this is an exhibition game and all the college players should have played equal minutes. Players like Nick
Collison, Ken Johnson, and Jamal Tinsley played only 9 minutes while Jason Williams played 23, Richardson 32 and Battier
29. The NBA players all had equal minutes and every one of them got to play enough to satisfy themselves and the crowd.
The college select team basically was Battier, Williams and Richardson as those three played the most minutes and shot
the most times. VERY poor coaching by Jarvis and Co.

Overall, it was a great game and the college kids showed us why it's worth getting excited about the upcoming college
basketball season.

You can find the box score here.