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ECU Dominates Devils

wasn't pretty
in Durham yesterday, as
ECU took a young Duke team apart, 38-0.
The defense was riddled, as
ECU's David Garrard hit 22-29. Duke was pretty
thoroughly outclassed.
Does that change our attitude about supporting
football? Heck no. We never said it would be an easy season. But we
do think that the AD supports football, and the coach is highly regarded, and
this year's freshmen - and next years - are increasingly athletic and
talented. It won't happen overnight, but it is Duke, the kids work hard
and go to class, and they deserve support. A team with 43 freshmen needs

Chuck Amato was much more fortunate in his NC State debut. We turned
the radio off late in the game after a State field goal was blocked and the
Arkansas State player took the ball in for a 17-7 lead late. State rallied and
put the game into double OT, which explains the heavy traffic at 11:30 in
Raleigh. We could've put it together, but weren't thinking clearly at the time.

more on the Duke game
from the Charlotte paper. The N&O and the N&R
apparently found the Duke loss not worth reporting.