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Clemson Is Talking Some Smack

There's no question that Duke is the underdog tomorrow. But
Clemson is talking some serious smack
about Duke, about Duke students,
Wallace Wade, and Duke football.

  • "The whole atmosphere at Duke is real
  • "You wanted less people to see the
    massacre. The less people to come, the better."
    (Tommy Bowden, who was an assistant at Duke in the early '80s)
  • "I think (the Blue Devils) think, 'Well, they've got to walk and they've got to think about there ain't no fans and the locker room and
    everything. It's probably a plus for them."

As we said, there's no question they'll be favored. But we hope some
Dukies will read this and go stand up for their team, and we also hope that the
students will come out and show Clemson what Duke is all about. We suspect
these quotes will end up in the lockerooom, and Bowden's might stay up for a few
years. We notice he didn't mind taking Duke's money.