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Sweetpea Update & Some Boozer Comments

For every dazzling draft day smile there are a thousand heartbreaks, guys
who put all their eggs in to the wrong basket, and have nothing to show for it
except for a tough life in the minors or overseas. Prominent among that
number is Lloyd Daniels, aka Sweetpea, who had as big a reputation as anyone has
ever had coming out of the NYC scene, but who never stuck in the NBA. Here's
what he's doing now.
Like a lot of would-be players, he lacks useful skills
and will probably have to play longer than his body will like just to make
a living.

At least not everyone gets suckered. As Frank Burlison points out,
a lot of seniors stuck around this year,
and with both experience and an
education, their futures will be bright. There are also some comments
(scroll down) about Carlos Boozer and his conditioning. Shane says Carlos got sick
of hearing about it and got in shape. Battier also likes Duhon quite a