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UNC Gets Scott, Bittle Update, & More

Matt Doherty continues to overhaul UNC's athleticism, this time by gaining an
official commitment from Baltimore's Melvin Scott.
UNC's athletic decline
(as opposed to W/L decline) is thus arrested and reversal appears underway. With
Scott, Williams, and Manuel in the fold, along with Morrison,  UNC has a
solid base of run/jump athletes for the near future.  Here's
the Baltimore Sun with more.
  Here's a
also from Ben Sherman's site.

In some perhaps bad news for the current point guard candidates, Scott says
the staff told him he was "badly needed," which isn't exactly a vote
of confidence in the players ahead of him, specifically Adam Boone, who has apparently been
recruited over before ever taking the court.

Thad "the Mummy" Mumau has an article up on how Doherty
and Hewitt are burning up the recruiting trail.
UNC's class is excellent so
far, but looming on the horizon is a battle with UVa over DeSagana Diop, the
huge African kid.  If Doherty pulls that off, he can probably write his
ticket at UNC for a few years, at least until tourney pressures kick in.

Meanwhile in other ACC news, Mitchell Bittle, who is down to UNCC, Virginia
Tech, and FSU, is
set to announce today.
Wake Forest, recently pursuing Jason Parker and last
seen trying to sign a drug dealer (Michael Southall, convicted of possession but
he acknowledged selling pot prior to conviction), has of course fallen off
the Bittle wagon.