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When Cutting And Pasting Is A Bad Idea

Just click for the full-size screen cap!

Sometimes anyone who works on a website is
tempted to cut and paste from another site. We don't have a deal with A.P., so
we don't do A.P. stories, but in principle we can understand the urge to just
cut and paste it from another site into your own. After all, it's the same
story, right?

Well, usually. Whoever did it at - the home of the fake crowd noise if you'll remember - made a pretty stupid boo boo - they took a story from CNNSI and cut and pasted the whole thing - including the CNNSI links included in a separate table. The boo-boo is to your right; here's the original story from CNNSI.

Cathy R. James or Carter Michaels, the staffers who usually sign stories,
will probably catch it for this one!