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DBR 101

It's become clear to us that while we try and pack as much into our site as
possible, and also try to keep it uncomplicated as possible, sometimes
there are still some things which aren't clear. So here's some tips on how the
site is set up.

  • We update frequently and stuff sometimes falls off the front page kind of
    fast. So if you missed something, just go to the box at the bottom of
    the left frame and enter whatever you are looking for. So if you are looking
    for say Jason Williams, just type that in and every story with his name will
    come up.
  • Obviously we try to keep things in categories, i.e., national, ACC,
    etc. Search the appropriate category.
  • The Write Us page. This helps us to search our e-mail, so if you
    want to make sure we see it, please use the appropriate header.
  • Speaking of headers, we have mostly standardized the headers and footers.
    So if you are looking for Duke's men's or women's schedules, they are at the
    top of the page, and so is the composite ACC schedule. AP and CNNSI/USA Top
    25 will be there when they begin to be posted, and ESPN's TV schedule will
    as well.
  • Submitting stuff to the DBR. We always like to get different takes on
    stuff, so please feel free to express yourself on anything you'd like. We'll
    be happy to read it and if we can't run it we'll be more disappointed than
    you are.
  • My DBR. You'll see that button around the site. If you want to customize
    the appearance - if you hate frames, or if you don't want to see a topic at
    all, use that and set your preferences. Registration is required.
  • The bulletin board. Users are designing programs to automate
    posting. That's very cool. And we want as many people as
    possible to be on the whitelist. The quickest way to get there is to
    remember that we really want a civil atmosphere on the board.

For right now those are the main things. If you can think of anything else, please let us know.