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Clemson's Good News

We had heard this was coming but missed it the other day - Clemson
has signed 6-6, 250 lb Olu Babalola.
Well he's committed, actually, not
signed. But it's good news for Clemson. Along with Chey Christie and
Sherrill Ford, and toss in Dwon Clifton from last year, Larry Shyatt is
upgrading the Tiger athleticism sharply. Clemson bottomed out after Rick
Barnes left, but Shyatt is at least getting the talent in. We hope that Clemson
fans give him the chance to show what he can do once he gets some players.

It's also good news for the ACC in general, since the below-Charlotte crowd
has been so lame. Paul Hewitt has made it clear he's going to be a force, which
leaves only FSU as a competitive problem (projecting a couple of years down the
road and assuming everyone stays roughly where they are).

As we had said earlier, with 6 of 9 jobs turning over in a short period of
time, it's no real wonder the ACC had a rough patch. But things are
definitely lookng up.