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Some ACC Recruiting Notes

In some ACC notes, here are some comments about Andre
Collins and Maryland
, and also some comments about Chey
Christie and Clemson.
Maryland, after treating Tamir Goodman abysmally, was
worried about a reversal of fortunes with Collins. Not to worry, he says, it's
internuts at work.

And Jordan
Collins is down to N.C. State and UVa.
If State got him, that would mean
they get a well-trained, fundamentally sound big man. Other than Todd
Fuller, who we believe was coached by Bobby Jones, who was the last State big
man you could say that about?

Also, Maryland
and FSU now lead
for Raleigh's Anthony Robertson. FSU could use a
stud. Go 'Noles!

Finally, Michael Southall, who lost his Kentucky scholarship
after being arrested for (and admitting to) selling marijuana, is back on the
market. He'll be at Hargrave Military Academy for a year, and already knocking
on the barracks door are Georgia
Tech and Wake Forest.
We'd be curious to hear what Tech and Wake fans think
of this.