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Jose On The Big Hoops Event In Hawaii

Jose sent us these comments on the Olympic Team vs. The Select Team. Thanks Jose!

You probably have received a lot of email as it was transmitted through
national television. I watched the entire game. I was very impressed with
Richardson. Blue Devils beware of Michigan State. At collegial level, he was
phenomenal, and yes indeed, the pros shut him down during the second half,
allowing others to take shots. Overall it was an excellent game until a
couple of minutes before the end of the first half. Now on the Blue Devil
players, Shane and Jason

Jason played very well. There were several weaknesses in his game including
two finger-rolling shots that were blocked and several turnovers. However,
there were several excellent passes that would have been assists at collegial
level. Clearly, he was the best point guard of the US select team. The point
guard play was erratic when he was out. The experience certainly will make
him a better player.

Shane played power forward and center when his natural position in the NBA
would be small forward. He was outmatched by height and weight, but as usual,
not in desire or hustle. He dived several times to get balls. He altered
many shots. He was credit with a charge taken, but that essentially is not
part of the NBA game. He took at least a couple of charges that would have
been credited at collegial level. He run the floor well but his shot was cold
(3-11). He had together with Richardson the most assists (5) for the team.
The experience showed that he would be able to be a star in the NBA, but it
will take more work to do so.

Overall, Coach K (who was in attendance) would be very proud of his players.