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Battier, Williams & Select Team Fall To Olympians

Unfortunately, our TV was out last night and so was the game between
the Olympians and the U.S. Select Team.
If anyone watched and would care to
share their impressions, please send them in, we'd love to hear.  It was a
close game in the first half, but the Olympians, led by Vince Carter, stormed
the College Boys in the second half.  CNNSI
had praise
for Jasons Williams and Richardson, and also for Joe Forte. Here's more from the Honolulu paper.

Alonzo Mourning is calling
Vince Carter the second Michael Jordan,
but that's nuts.  The issue
isn't talent; Carter has a ton of that. What set Jordan apart was his will and
desire to win.  Believe it or not, a lot of guys have had Jordan-like
talent, but very few - none actually - ever came close to Jordan's
accomplishments.  Off the top of our head, we would put Earl Manigault,
Vince Carter, playground legend Herman The Helicopter, Marvin "Bad
News" Barnes in that category.  You could also make an argment for a
guy like Michael Finley.   If Carter were the second coming, he would
have taken off in the playoffs, not an easy Olympic exhibition. He didn't, and
that's why he's not the next Michael Jordan. Michael
Jordan himself has said as much,
calling Kobe Bryant a more complete player,
words which got back to Mrs. Carter, who makes it clear she has a thing or two
to say to Michael, but basically along these lines: Vince is so good he
threatens your security. We don't know, but our guess is Jordan would tell her something like "when he shows some guts in the clutch then I'll be impressed."