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Romine Update!

Here's a nice article on
Spencer Romine's struggles
last season with his health, and what happened
surgery-wise. It's a pretty impressive comeback, actually. Tonight he gets
to test his arm with an outing against ECU, which starts at 6, at Wallace
Wade. Here's hoping he has a huge success.

And here's hoping a lot of Duke fans appreciate having such a gutty kid on
their side. We want to urge everyone, particularly you students, to go out
to Wallace Wade. If you wait for football to get better, you could
wait a while. The best way to make it better is to give Duke the support
they deserve. These guys work hard, play hard, study hard, and don't get
nearly the support they deserve. Football can be exciting and fun, but without
fans in the stands, it'll be harder, so please, go out and show them you're True