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Football Cranks Up In The Triangle

Football season opens in the Triangle today, and it's a very interesting day
on many fronts. First, Duke has a year of Carl Franks offense to draw on. How
will it fly?
How will the defense do against ECU? How will UNC's
offense do under former State head man Mike
O' Cain?
Wake's season of course is off to a discouraging start with a
loss to 1-AA power Appalachian State.

You can follow
the Duke game on-line from here.
Incidentally, today is Sonny
Jurgensen day at Duke
. Jurgensen, who was one of the great natural passers -
he could pass behind his back, but probably not in a game - had a tremendous NFL
career. Jurgensen, like DBR, recognizes that the time is now to get football
back on track. Go Duke!