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A New Periodic Feature

We were kind of thinking it would be fun to start a periodic feature where we
found cool and funny posts from other boards. Here are the first two.

Taken from Peegs' and Posted on the Star-News IU board

I wish I was Bob Knight

RexForIU posted on 9/19 11:16 pm

Can you imagine what his life has been and is like? He's got all those wins, all those championships, has had so
many women and has so much money. Plus, people fear and respect him. They worship him like a God and some
will even lay down their lives for him (or others lives if they mess with him). I don't know how it could be any

A good reason to be cautious about internet recruiting stories....

KansasKnick (
Date: 09-20-2000 15:18

Someone on the Ucla rivals said they saw on the kansas rivals site childress had signed with stanford. This was
apparently posted on the UCLA site as well. What is going on?