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An Important Message About Sites Like This

There are a few sites online (we're talking hoops here) which are really
worth supporting.  One of the ones we've always been impressed with is Ben
Sherman's Ben is
in college and has worked very hard and has generally speaking outcompeted a lot
of sites with more money, more staff, and more resources.  It's become one
of the best sites for  recruiting information, as opposed to gossip,
anywhere.  The guy has a passion and it really shows. He's done an amazing
job, and moreover, he's always evenhanded and responsible, and he does a better
job of that as an undergrad than most older people do, often including us.

As we can tell you, running a site takes a lot of time and effort, and on top
of that, one must pay the bills.  Ben's site has grown consistently, and
now that he has started his own bulletin board, traffic has really taken off. Because he has to pay for the server space, and because a good board cranks traffic up, the cost for keeping a great site going also cranks up.

If you appreciate these sorts of sites, please visit Ben's page, but when you
do, please make sure to click on the banner ads so that his advertisers
can see some results.  If sites like and DBR can't find
ways to support themselves, we have a few limited options, and they're basically
extinction and assimilation, i.e., rivals.  So if you like sites like
these, and want them to do well, currently the best way you can help is simple:
click through the ads. Do it as often as you can. It's the single best way to
keep us alive. Thnk of it as a sponsorship click!