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Two Interesting UNC Stories

There are two interesting UNC stories going on now. First, the
Aussies have decided that Vince Carter is a villain
and are pulling against
him with great glee after his incident with Andrew Gaze (by the way our Aussie
pal who was at the game wrote back after seeing the replay later and said he was
wrong, that what happened was Gaze's fault) Anyway, the crowd at that game
chanted "Carter's a wanker," and the papers have really jumped on
him. The aura of the NBA is pretty much gone. Barkley pounded an African
and made some outrageous joke about spears and Liona and was celebrated for
it. From here on out, no one is giving the U.S. anything.

In other news, Nevada Senator Harry Reid has "said
no to Dean"
in his own way, saying that Smith, who is campaigning
against betting on college events, should stick to coaching and leave
gaming to the big boys. He sasy that "Dean Smith -- everything I know about him or from watching him coach all those years -- seems like a very nice man. But he knows nothing about journalism or the First